Party In The Park 2024 Lineup

Party In The Park 2024 Schedule

Steve Madewell

Steve is a singer-songwriter based in Ohio who performs both locally and nationally. His love for the natural world, which has guided his career in park conservation and outdoor recreation, inspires his music. He spends a lot of time exploring fields, forests, and streams, drawing inspiration from the amazing places he encounters on his travels.

brent kirby painesville party in the park
Brent Kirby

Brent Kirby is a night’s stroll with a rock n’ roll romantic. This does not mean Kirby’s merely a smitten troubadour, or a bard for the wayward but colorful life of musicians. Though his own songs bring up those immortal topics, Kirby’s romanticism is much bigger than that. His songs start with the introspective stir of strum and voice, but just like his performances, quickly move outward and embrace the listener. Kirby, who grew up in Wisconsin and has lived playing music in places as varied as Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Cleveland, has acquired a keen narrator’s eye. Playing bars and clubs since his early teens, his lyrics dictate life in the moment, not as nightly grinds, but as places where dreams really come to life in gritty color.

Alex Bevan and Friends

An acoustic guitar, a piano, one journeyman’s approach to songcrafting and another’s pursuit of melody and sound will gather the strands of twenty-seven plus years of collaboration and lead you toward brighter realms in an otherwise darker landscape.

Beach Country
Nick Walker Band

Accumulating over 500,000 digital streams, Nick Walker has been shooting out of the gates quite quickly since moving to Nashville and has climbing up the Country Music charts. Gearing up for his EP to be released, two of his recent singles have landed him in the Top 40 of the iTunes Country Music Charts. In June of 2021, his single, “Somewhere In Savannah” reached the #11 spot on those charts and his most recent single “One Of These Days” released in September 2021 landed on the #33 spot. Be on the lookout for Nick Walker as he books his tour dates and plays his music across the country. 

follow the sun band painesville party in the park 2024
Classic & Today's Hits
Follow The Sun

Established in 2018, Follow the Sun has taken the Cleveland music scene by storm with their distinct sound, diverse taste in music and broad range of vocals. Their members consist of Laura Fedor and Sophie Jackson on vocals, Gene Guercia on rhythm, Richie Jackson on lead guitar, Ryan Bellinger on bass, and Kyle Clemenz on drums. 

British American Rock Band
Guy Snowdon & The Citizens

British American Rock Band, Guy Snowdon and the Citizens 🇺🇸🇬🇧 ”Runaway” & “Hammer Falls” digitally available now!

80's Big Hair Rock
Billy Morris & The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is a tribute to the golden age of the 1980’s.

the chatfield boys band
The Chatfield Boys

The Chatfield Boys is an Ohio based band with variably deep Mid-Western roots.

Lords of the Highway

Lords of the Highway Psychobilly band from the Cleveland area.

Latin Jazz
Justo Saborit & Latin Soul

The best in Guitar music ever. A journey of exotic blends that soothe the soul.

apostle jones band painesville party in the park
Rock 'n' Soul
Apostle Jones

Even though 2020 has delivered a blow to bands, venues, and live music in general, Apostle Jones has nevertheless been on an impressive upward trajectory. The release of their first EP – “Lilith” has staked out their space in this city’s musical landscape. Led by the dramatic, stirring vocals and presence of singer/keyboardist Mikey Silas, the group delves into the soulful music singing about life’s experiences and good times to come. Here’s what some of the fans and critics have to say:

marys lane painesville party in the park
Celtic Rock & Roll
Marys Lane

The band Marys Lane is rock, and reel, but most of all, the good times roll. Their Cleveland Rock roots are evident, but they are knee deep in the ghosts of Ireland – not maudlin mind you, but in the typical Kitchen Party made so famous by the Irish – everyone comes, everyone joins in, one way or another, and everyone leaves wishing the night would never end.

boulevards band painesville ohio
Punk Funk

Jamil Rashad’s latest album as Boulevards, Electric Cowboy: Born in Carolina Mud, jubilantly mixes soul, country, jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, and every other style of music played in the Tarheel State, but the dominant sound is pure funk. The music is crammed with inventive, inverting grooves that are gritty, warm, and weird.

queen tribute band painesville ohio
Queen Tribute
An Evening Of Queen

Get ready to embark on a musical journey that pays homage to one of the greatest British rock legends of all time – Queen.  Jon Pyle and Guy Snowdon, two exceptionally talented musicians, have joined forces to create a tribute to a band like no other.

Grupo Fuego

Grupo Fuego was formed in the fall of 1999. They are very lucky to have a group of musicians that has remained constant over the years and who have given the band its powerful sound. They have come a long way from their humble roots and have grown in popularity along just as Latin Music has grown more popular. Their fan base covers all ages and ethnic groups due to the energy that the band puts forth in its performances.

lilieae painesville party in the park 2024

LILIEAE (pronounced LIL-EE-AY) is a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Their sound stems from a wide range of rock influences including classic rock, metal, punk, grunge, and alternative 90s. Founders and front-women Lydia Puccini and Kayleigh Hyland released their debut EP “Level” in 2019. Shortly after, Joe Stefano, Donald Pelc, and Eric Kennedy joined the group. Together they wrote and recorded their second EP, “RUN! RUN! RUN!” in 2021, and their third EP, “Pretend & Dare” in 2023. The beginning of 2024 came with a small lineup change when Kennedy parted with the group to pursue other endevours. Long-time friend Griffin Pereksta stepped in to take the open guitar spot and the group maintains their signature full sound and  five-piece experience

Ladies of Song
The Ladies Night

The Ladies Night is the ultimate rocking tribute to Pop Divas, with an emphasis on the 90’s-00’s. These 5 dudes aren’t afraid to wear their love for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus on their pink glittery sleeves as they rock their way through these guilty pleasure singalongs, often in the original key!

jordan blanchard music painesville party in the park
Jordan Blanchard

Born in 1998, Jordan grew up listening to what he considers to be the best era of country music. 90’s country was still coming through the radio waves at full force with fiddle and steel guitars. This laid the foundation for a completely unexpected career. While he did experiment with piano and saxophone early on, he didn’t buy his first guitar until 20 years old.

van halen tribute band painesville ohio
Van Halen Tribute
Right Now

 From 5150 to Balance, Right Now brings you the hits from America’s all-time greatest rock band, with some deep cuts and DLR era hits thrown in the mix. You’ll be transported right back to the late 80’s/early 90’s singing along to “Poundcake”, “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Right Now”, “Summer Nights”, “Finish What Ya Started”, and a whole lot more!

armstrong bearcats painesville party in the park
Rock & Blues
Armstrong Bearcats

Cleveland’s premier Rock/Blues power trio!

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