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Welcome to a year-round celebration of community spirit with Painesville Community Improvement Corporation (PCIC) in Northeast Ohio. Our diverse range of events, highlighted by the iconic Party in the Park, encapsulates the essence of community vibrancy. Throughout the seasons, PCIC brings people together for unforgettable experiences, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. Join us as we continue to elevate the community spirit through engaging, entertaining, and enriching events that celebrate the heart of Northeast Ohio.


Event schedule

Party In The Park 2024

July 19-21 2024

PCIC Presents: Painesville Party In The Park 2024. Get ready for a fantastic couple of days and nights of great entertainment.

block party update update
Spring Block Party

June 1, 2024

PCIC Presents: Spring Block Party in Downtown Painesville. 

Painesville Holiday Lights

December 9, 2024

PCIC Presents: Painesville Holiday Lights Contest. Let’s see Painesville’s best holiday lights and embrace holiday spirit!

painesville egg hunt
Egg Hunt In The Square

March 23, 2024

PCIC Participates In: Egg Hunt in the Square for Easter 2024.

Fall Chili Cook Off
September 21, 2024​

PCIC Is A Vendor At: The Fall Chili Cook Off. 

Fall Fest 2024

October 12, 2024

PCIC Participates In: Fall Fest 2024!

Holiday Shop & Stroll

November 21, 2024 – City of Painesville Event

PCIC Is A Vendor At: The City of Painesville is hosting an event to shop at local businesses right here in Downtown Painesville.

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