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Welcome to the heart of community empowerment, where the Painesville Community Improvement Corporation (PCIC) has been a steadfast presence since its inception in 1977. For over four decades, PCIC has woven a tapestry of positive transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant landscapes of Lake County and Painesville, Ohio.

PCIC stands as a beacon of progress, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents and fostering a sense of unity within the community. Through its unwavering commitment to civic improvement, PCIC has spearheaded initiatives, projects, and events that celebrate the rich tapestry of Lake County and Painesville.

Some of the groups we sponsor include The Andy Nowacki Foundation, Eastern Lake Co Chamber of Commerce, Fairport Harbor Heritage Foundation Tall Ships, Lifeline, Western Reserve Junior Service League, Lake Co-Educational Service Center, NAACP, Lake Erie College, Harvey High School Band Boosters, Harbor Hog’s & Hot Rods, Concord Twp Community Days, Lake Co Visitors Bureau, Family Planning, Council on Aging, and the list goes on.

Bringing Painesville Together and delivering great results for our economy.

As the driving force behind iconic events such as Painesville’s renowned Party in the Park, PCIC has not only provided moments of joy but has also created platforms for community engagement and shared experiences. Beyond the festivities, PCIC’s impact reverberates through numerous initiatives that address vital aspects of community development, including economic growth, cultural enrichment, and social well-being.

Join us in exploring PCIC’s journey of community involvement – a legacy forged in collaboration, resilience, and a shared vision for a thriving Painesville and Lake County. This landing page is a testament to the enduring impact of PCIC, an organization that continues to shape the narrative of community development with every passing year.

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Our community organization was established in 1977 for the purpose of economic, educational and cultural improvement in the historic city of Painesville.

As time went on we were able to include the service areas of Painesville Township,  Fairport Harbor, Grand River and Concord Township.

“Great organization. They do so much for our community.”
Sandy Scaperato Ponsart



The synergy between community and economic involvement is where PCIC’s impact truly shines. By nurturing a sense of community pride and investing in economic initiatives that uplift residents, PCIC creates a harmonious balance that paves the way for a flourishing Lake County and Painesville.



PCIC’s vision extends beyond mere development; it aspires to create a community that embodies inclusivity, resilience, and collective growth. The organization envisions neighborhoods where residents are not just cohabitants but active participants in the tapestry of community life. PCIC strives to foster an environment where every individual feels a sense of belonging and plays a role in shaping the future of Painesville.


Event schedule

Party In The Park 2024

July 19-21 2024

PCIC Presents: Painesville Party In The Park 2024. Get ready for a fantastic couple of days and nights of great entertainment.

block party update update
Spring Block Party

June 1, 2024

PCIC Presents: Spring Block Party in Downtown Painesville. 

Painesville Holiday Lights

December 9, 2024

PCIC Presents: Painesville Holiday Lights Contest. Let’s see Painesville’s best holiday lights and embrace holiday spirit!

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