Community Grants


Painesville & Greater Lake County

At the heart of Painesville Community Improvement Corporation’s (PCIC) dedication to community upliftment lies a transformative initiative – the Community Grants Program. PCIC recognizes that fostering positive change begins at the grassroots, and the Community Grants Program stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to nurturing local potential and empowering initiatives that propel Painesville forward.

We have contributed up to $300,000 to our great communities and aim to do more by every year.


Community Grants

Since its establishment in 1977, PCIC has been a steadfast advocate for community development, understanding that small seeds of support can blossom into remarkable community projects. The Community Grants Program serves as a catalyst for change, offering a platform for individuals, organizations, and community groups to bring their innovative ideas to life.


PCIC has given out over $300,000 in community grants including grants to all of these great organizations.

Lake County History Center
Preserving and interpreting Lake County history since 1938.
Lake County Youth Football
Community-based sports organization.
Painesville City Local Schools Educational Foundation
Helping teachers enhance student learning by providing grants.
Painesville Railroad Museum
Dedicated to the restoration of the NYC Painesville Depot.
Project Hope For The Homeless
Providing the area’s homeless with safe temporary housing.
Project Hope For The Homeless
Providing the area’s homeless with safe temporary housing.
Shades of Success
Committed to improving the lives of families and building healthy relationships.
Ground Zero Elevated
Distributing shoe boxes filled with undergarments for teens at Harvey High School in Painesville.
Harvey High School Sparkle
Harvey/Heritage Special Needs Cheerleading Squad.
Harvey High School Golf Team
Harvey/Heritage Special Needs Cheerleading Squad.
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