Physical, Economic & Social Revitalization

The Painesville Community Improvement Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was formed in 1977.  The purpose of the PCIC is to be active in the physical, social and economic revitalization of Painesville and those communities surrounding it.

The goal of PCIC is to fulfill the needs of the Citizens of Painesville and surrounding communities by restoring liveliness within the county, provide a sense of community among the people and to encourage area wide events for the benefit of the residents and business community.  The PCIC is a very unique non-profit organization in the respect that it not only raises money to be given back to the community through grants and donations to charities, but it is also responsible for funding,  planning and producing many events throughout the year for the enjoyment of everyone in the community.

We always welcome new ideas and members willing to participate in this great organization.  We meet on the second monday of every month at 4pm at the Painesville YMCA on mentor avenue in Painesville.  Please join us!

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